Kerbs & Pallisades

Kerbs & Pallisades work well for surface edging and creating borders between different sections of any outdoor area. They can be used directing the course of water along your driveway, garden or patio or used as garden features.


Product Description

Kerbs are ideal for edging driveways, patios and are the perfect choice for decorative borders along any paved area. They also make an attractive planting border. 

Available Lengths (mm)

Standard Lengths 1000

Any size made to order.


Available Thickness (mm)

200 x 60±10
200 x 80±10
250 x 60+/-10
250 x 80 +/-10
300 x 150 +/-10


Product Description

Natural hand dressed pallisades can be used vertically and horizontally. We offer a variety of colours and they’re elegant and very durable. They are used for lawns, gardens, fence posts and can also be used to create an enclosed area like a solid wall.  They offer premium strength and high durability. Sandstone Pallisades are also used for construction purposes such as for public spaces, town and city pavements. 

Available Lengths (mm)

500 / 750/ 1000/ 1500/ 3000



Available Thickness (mm)

300 x 100 +/-10mm

250 x 120 +/-10mm

250 x 100 +/-10mm

200 x 100 +/-10mm

200 x 80 +/- 10mm

250 x 80 +/- 10mm

150 x 150 +/- 10mm

130 x 130 +/- 10mm
120 x 120 +/-10mm

120 x 100 +/-10mm

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